Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fortune 5k

Happy February! I promise that I didn't disappear :-) I am alive and well (and let's not forget running!). Training has been going alright lately. I'm kind've in the "dumps" if you will. It seems like every Saturday when I can run outside it's either snowing or something "drastic" happens (i.e. bathroom issues...). Or I just have low motivation and I kind've make it out to be something dramatic. I really need to work on that.

Speaking of Saturday runs... I have some really exciting news about this upcoming Saturday!! Okay, I may be an awful wife... but I love my husband to pieces. I found out about a run this Saturday that is put on by the "26.2 Running Company". It's called "Fortune 5k". It starts at 5pm and it's to celebrate the Chinese New Year... basically it's just an excuse to have a race. Anyways, there will be Chinese lanterns that line the course and there are prizes AND Chinese food. Who would want to eat that after a race?? Although, I do know one person... So can you guess who is running that 5k this Saturday?

me AND JON!!!

Here is the bad wife part... I told him about it and he did the nod of "i'm not really interested but sounds fun for you crazy runners". Then I asked if he would run it with me and I got a smirk... maybe I took that as a "sure!" because I signed him up! We're not doing it for time or whatever.. although the "fastest couple" does win a prize!! Okay, let's be really honest. That won't happen. I can always dream right?

This last Saturday he ran 2 miles with me before I went off on my longer run and I was in true bliss! I enjoyed the entire thing and I didn't care how slow we were going. If anything, you can stamp that with a Valentine heart and call that my Valentine gift :-)

If you are in the Provo area you should really sign up for this 5k. I think it's kind've funny and I am really excited to run it! It's only $12 and then it goes up to $15 on race day. Here is the link:
Fortune 5k

Happy running!

ps: embarrassing run post with pictures to come soon! Aren't you just at the edge of your seat??


Zoƫ said...

Fun! Hope you have a great race on Saturday with your hubs! :)

Clyde J Criddle said...

You better check the basement for "pods". If Jon agrees to run, it must not be the real Jon! (You have to me a movie buff to understand the pod comment.)

Crystal said...

Body Snatchers!!