Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trippy Dream... and random post...

So.. you know you think about something way too often when you start dreaming about it, right?

Well last night I had this dream that it was race day for the SLC marathon. It was really odd. And one more piece of info for you all to help make sense of this... I have been reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Anyways... so for whatever reason I was on a bus and the race people were taking all the participants to a point in the course after we had run a few miles (weird, right?) and I was getting all nervous about my time and what my garmin would say. I was running and my form was all wobbly and I couldn't get it to feel right. I felt so off and I was just in a panic. Then out of no where "Hades" flew in and was trying to take me down into the underworld and then "Medusa" in all her snake-y glory was going after me too! So I was running with my eyes closed so I wouldn't turn into stone. Haha... it was so messed up. When I finally finished the marathon it was dark out and I spent the whole day running and I couldn't find Jon and Hades was still after me and Medusa had turned some other runners into stone...

I woke up feeling so weird! Nothing like running from mythological people, right?

Okay... lame post, but not much else to write at the moment. I've just been keeping things inside for runs and I am itching for it to not be 15degrees out when I can run outside!! Speaking of running inside... last night at the gym Lifetime was on TV and there was this really scary movie on! I'm too short to get the remotes to change the channels so I was just trying not to watch it the whole time! Boo!

53 days until the marathon! I am getting nervous about my shoes. They are still in pretty good condition... but will they be by the time of the marathon? Do I get new shoes before them? I want to buy Newtons really badly! So, I guess I'm looking for some advice? When do you get new shoes? I know they base if off mileage but I have gone like 700 miles in the shoes and the tread still looks fine with some normal wear. I guess, how bad would it be to change shoes a little over a month before the marathon? I'm really bad at knowing when to switch up my shoes! Help!

Okay, random post over. :-)

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