Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flat Like a Pancake

So, I promised an embarrassing run story and I am delivering.

A few Saturdays ago I was so excited that it wasn't snowing and that I could go out and do a 10-miler outside! I had just picked up a new Asics running shirt for really cheap and I was all excited. Everything was going great and at 7.5miles I ran into an old family friend who came out here for school like me. I stopped on the sidewalk to talk to him. We caught up a little and he asked me questions about my Garmin (he'd never heard of it). We parted ways and I started up my run again. The sun was shining and I was just loving life and getting lost in the run and my music. I was approaching mile 8 and I was pretty close to home- 2 miles left!

Next thing I knew- I was on the ground in some serious pain and barely knew how I got there.

That's right- I "super-manned" it to the ground. I'm not even joking. Arms fully stretched out in front of me like I was about to take flight! I'm completely covered in dirt and I feel like a 5 year old who just skinned their knee and is crying on the ground. It was pretty pathetic.

I look up and I notice these two kids. They were probably 8-10 years old. We will call them Abbot and Costello. They were on bikes and they were pretty chubby kids. I say this because they weren't actually riding their bikes. They were just "walking" their bikes while sitting on them. They were both staring at me like they just saw something horrific. They were nudging each other asking if they should come over to me. I pulled out my cell phone and I called Jon in complete tears telling him I was sitting on the side of the sidewalk and I had fallen. Thankfully, he was only a few blocks away.

When Jon pulled up, he came over and helped me up. As soon as he did that- Abbot and Costello "walked" over and they started yelling, "Dude! Is she hurt??" and I told them that I would be okay and then one of them said to the other "Dude! I told you!!" and then they followed us to our car. The whole thing was so embarrassing and even more so with the two knuckle heads who witnessed my take off to the ground.

When we got home, Jon looked at me and laughed and said "Well, you can tell where you hit the ground!". I had dirt ALL over my shirt and on my face. We laughed for a while.

So much for my new shirt :-) It has a small snags in the fabric, but I'll live. Thankfully I wasn't hurt, but looking back at it- it was pretty funny. I mean honestly... what would you think if saw this girl running along and then she totally eats it and does it in superman fashion??

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Zoƫ said...

Oh no! That sucks! I hope you aren't hurt after that slip. :(

Take it easy out there!