Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frigid 5k!

Yesterday was the "frigid 5k" in Provo that '26.2 Running Company' put on (they weren't kidding when they named it frigid!! It was freezing!). It was the same course at the Fortune 5k. I won't lie- I was a little nervous. Not because of the distance, but because I had made the poor decision of doing a really intense weights workout this last Wednesday. I thought that there would be no way that I would still be sore by Saturday.

I was dead wrong.

The workout I did had millions of squats and lunges. Awful. I was just hurting! I had a hard time getting up stairs and things like that. Friday night, I was just praying that I would be able to get out of bed to the race.

Race morning came and I woke up thinking- I can do this! I got up, ate breakfast and got on the bike and spun a little to get the legs warm. I then stretched and then the nerves started to kick in. I was still having quite a bit of pain in my inner thighs. I had thoughts of not going, but I would feel guilty if I didn't run it because I paid money for this race.

I finally got the guts and headed out. I got there and checked in and headed to the starting line. The race was pretty good. The course had a few hills but wasn't too terrible. I could feel how sore I still was but I just kept saying my mantra of "I am awesome". Okay... I know, totally lame! But really, mantras help a lot! It keeps you going and let be honest... I start laughing to myself when I say it sometimes because it sounds ridiculous- but when I laugh, I just feel way better and I feel like I can keep going!

I finished this race in 25:39!! This is the best I have done post foot surgery! I am so excited! I finished 4th in my age group too! Heh, okay.. woo.. 4th... but I still got a ribbon :-) And... the age group was weird.. 0-30 instead of splitting it up a little more. So, that's still good, right?

I apologize, no pictures. We forgot the camera- oops! Just remember, if I had stopped to go back to get the camera, I might've chickened out and not done the race! :-) I like having 5ks in my marathon training schedule. It helps me get a feel for where I'm at.

I am awesome. haha.

Another running skirt giveaway!

"Endurance Isn't Only Physical" Is doing another giveaway! Go over to the blog to check it out- contest ends on 3/5/10 at 11:59pm. I so want one!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

51 days...

That's right, Folks! 51 days until the SLC marathon!! I am kind've freaking out here! I feel confident about it when I don't really take the time to think too much about it. However, when I think about some of my "failed" long runs I get a little nervous and feel like I set myself up for something that is starting to feel impossible. Anyone else ever felt like that?

I am really excited though because I have reserved our hotel room for that night and I feel like things are just coming into place! The 2 weeks following the marathon are going to be crazy! Jon is graduating with his masters of information systems the following weekend and then the week after that we are moving to Houston, TX!! These are exciting times! Bring it on!

On Tuesday I was thinking about all of the above during my run. I was doing a 4 mile run on the good ol' hamster wheel at the gym. The last half mile though, I really started to struggle. I don't think I was really going too fast, I think I was just staring at the mileage and I felt like I had been going forever and the numbers were changing in slow motion! Then I started to think of my mom. She passed away when I was 11 from what started out as breast cancer. I started to think about how much I wish she was going to be there at the marathon cheering me on and then at Jon's graduation with her big smile. As I was struggling to finish up that last half mile I just kept thinking, "If Mom could battle her fight with cancer for like 5 years- I can make this last measly half mile." Then I just took off (as much as you can on a treadmill...) and I finished strong.

This is part of the main reason why I run. She was never able to come to a cross country or track meet but I always felt like she was there- pushing me on when I didn't want to go any further. This marathon I am running it in memory of her. I'll be wearing as much pink as I possibly can and I will be pushing along saying my silly mantras and thinking of her and hoping she'll be running along my side pushing me along.

I am thankful for my family. My husband is my biggest fan and he cheers me on in every race... hmm.. maybe I should get him a cowbell? More manly than a pom pom, no? My in-laws will also be there cheering me on! They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met and they have truly inspired me to get back on the wheel this last year!

Okay, last thing, promise. I want a running skirt so badly. However, I feel like it would be frivolous purchase right now because of our big move coming up and we'll be really poor right before Jon starts his new job! I've been checking different sites and I want them all! I just can't find a reason to justify buying one when I already have perfectly working shorts and things.

However, I think I found the one that I really want and if I can buy it- I will most def. be wearing it at the marathon! It is by "Tricks" aka: Skirt Sports. I believe this was one of their first styles that started it all. I want all of their skirts! They have lots of pockets for whatever you take on runs and also they have coverage underneath (always a plus). The main good thing about this particular skirt is that when you buy it- you are donating to cancer research. See... it wouldn't be THAT frivolous... right??? Here is a link in case anyone really likes it too :-) Breast Cancer Marathon Skirt

Check out all that pink! I want! :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Running skirt giveaway!!

I want a running skirt so badly!! The skirts over at are so dang cute and the have full coverage and pockets!

There is a giveaway over at "Endurance Isn't Only Physical" and I am so excited about it! Go check it out! There is even a code for a 15% discount over at!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trippy Dream... and random post...

So.. you know you think about something way too often when you start dreaming about it, right?

Well last night I had this dream that it was race day for the SLC marathon. It was really odd. And one more piece of info for you all to help make sense of this... I have been reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Anyways... so for whatever reason I was on a bus and the race people were taking all the participants to a point in the course after we had run a few miles (weird, right?) and I was getting all nervous about my time and what my garmin would say. I was running and my form was all wobbly and I couldn't get it to feel right. I felt so off and I was just in a panic. Then out of no where "Hades" flew in and was trying to take me down into the underworld and then "Medusa" in all her snake-y glory was going after me too! So I was running with my eyes closed so I wouldn't turn into stone. Haha... it was so messed up. When I finally finished the marathon it was dark out and I spent the whole day running and I couldn't find Jon and Hades was still after me and Medusa had turned some other runners into stone...

I woke up feeling so weird! Nothing like running from mythological people, right?

Okay... lame post, but not much else to write at the moment. I've just been keeping things inside for runs and I am itching for it to not be 15degrees out when I can run outside!! Speaking of running inside... last night at the gym Lifetime was on TV and there was this really scary movie on! I'm too short to get the remotes to change the channels so I was just trying not to watch it the whole time! Boo!

53 days until the marathon! I am getting nervous about my shoes. They are still in pretty good condition... but will they be by the time of the marathon? Do I get new shoes before them? I want to buy Newtons really badly! So, I guess I'm looking for some advice? When do you get new shoes? I know they base if off mileage but I have gone like 700 miles in the shoes and the tread still looks fine with some normal wear. I guess, how bad would it be to change shoes a little over a month before the marathon? I'm really bad at knowing when to switch up my shoes! Help!

Okay, random post over. :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running Apparel Giveaway!

There is a running apparel giveaway on one of my fav. blogs! You should check it out!

Even if you don't win the giveaway- this blog is one to check out. Zoe is an inspiring runner and she always gives me pick-me-ups when I'm feeling like I can't do it anymore.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fortune 5k

EDIT: Here are the details from the race

Here are a few pictures from the race! Details to come!

And.. for your enjoyment- here is a pic of us at the Valentine's day dance hehe
(after the 5k- we're hott!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flat Like a Pancake

So, I promised an embarrassing run story and I am delivering.

A few Saturdays ago I was so excited that it wasn't snowing and that I could go out and do a 10-miler outside! I had just picked up a new Asics running shirt for really cheap and I was all excited. Everything was going great and at 7.5miles I ran into an old family friend who came out here for school like me. I stopped on the sidewalk to talk to him. We caught up a little and he asked me questions about my Garmin (he'd never heard of it). We parted ways and I started up my run again. The sun was shining and I was just loving life and getting lost in the run and my music. I was approaching mile 8 and I was pretty close to home- 2 miles left!

Next thing I knew- I was on the ground in some serious pain and barely knew how I got there.

That's right- I "super-manned" it to the ground. I'm not even joking. Arms fully stretched out in front of me like I was about to take flight! I'm completely covered in dirt and I feel like a 5 year old who just skinned their knee and is crying on the ground. It was pretty pathetic.

I look up and I notice these two kids. They were probably 8-10 years old. We will call them Abbot and Costello. They were on bikes and they were pretty chubby kids. I say this because they weren't actually riding their bikes. They were just "walking" their bikes while sitting on them. They were both staring at me like they just saw something horrific. They were nudging each other asking if they should come over to me. I pulled out my cell phone and I called Jon in complete tears telling him I was sitting on the side of the sidewalk and I had fallen. Thankfully, he was only a few blocks away.

When Jon pulled up, he came over and helped me up. As soon as he did that- Abbot and Costello "walked" over and they started yelling, "Dude! Is she hurt??" and I told them that I would be okay and then one of them said to the other "Dude! I told you!!" and then they followed us to our car. The whole thing was so embarrassing and even more so with the two knuckle heads who witnessed my take off to the ground.

When we got home, Jon looked at me and laughed and said "Well, you can tell where you hit the ground!". I had dirt ALL over my shirt and on my face. We laughed for a while.

So much for my new shirt :-) It has a small snags in the fabric, but I'll live. Thankfully I wasn't hurt, but looking back at it- it was pretty funny. I mean honestly... what would you think if saw this girl running along and then she totally eats it and does it in superman fashion??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fortune 5k

Happy February! I promise that I didn't disappear :-) I am alive and well (and let's not forget running!). Training has been going alright lately. I'm kind've in the "dumps" if you will. It seems like every Saturday when I can run outside it's either snowing or something "drastic" happens (i.e. bathroom issues...). Or I just have low motivation and I kind've make it out to be something dramatic. I really need to work on that.

Speaking of Saturday runs... I have some really exciting news about this upcoming Saturday!! Okay, I may be an awful wife... but I love my husband to pieces. I found out about a run this Saturday that is put on by the "26.2 Running Company". It's called "Fortune 5k". It starts at 5pm and it's to celebrate the Chinese New Year... basically it's just an excuse to have a race. Anyways, there will be Chinese lanterns that line the course and there are prizes AND Chinese food. Who would want to eat that after a race?? Although, I do know one person... So can you guess who is running that 5k this Saturday?

me AND JON!!!

Here is the bad wife part... I told him about it and he did the nod of "i'm not really interested but sounds fun for you crazy runners". Then I asked if he would run it with me and I got a smirk... maybe I took that as a "sure!" because I signed him up! We're not doing it for time or whatever.. although the "fastest couple" does win a prize!! Okay, let's be really honest. That won't happen. I can always dream right?

This last Saturday he ran 2 miles with me before I went off on my longer run and I was in true bliss! I enjoyed the entire thing and I didn't care how slow we were going. If anything, you can stamp that with a Valentine heart and call that my Valentine gift :-)

If you are in the Provo area you should really sign up for this 5k. I think it's kind've funny and I am really excited to run it! It's only $12 and then it goes up to $15 on race day. Here is the link:
Fortune 5k

Happy running!

ps: embarrassing run post with pictures to come soon! Aren't you just at the edge of your seat??