About me

First things first... we need to get this out of the way.  Yes.  I am 4'11" and yes... I could get a handicap tag in some states for driving due to my height if I wanted to.  Why do people always ask that after they ask how tall I am?  ;-)  

 I am a runner through and through.  I might not be the speediest, but running is a huge part of my life.  So much so that in one of my entrance essays to BYU, it was the first sentence. "I am a runner".  I also threw my height in there too ;) the admissions people must've been like "Who's this crazy??  Better let her in so she can get help!" Hehe... just kidding.  I promise, it was a good essay.

I grew up in NH.  I am the youngest of 6 kids (3 brothers and 2 sisters) and I have 6 nephews and 4 nieces. I moved to UT for college and now am in TX. I started running in 6th grade.  It was shortly after my mom passed away from breast cancer.  My father always went running around the block and I started going with him.  Realize though that "running around the block" in NH = ~3miles.  We had some of our best bonding moments during that time.  Running helped me cope with everything I was going through and it still does.  :-) 

I am currently going through a knee injury, but I hope to run another marathon in 201l as long as all my  healing goes according to plan.  I ran the SLC marathon in April 2010 and then the RnR San Antonio marathon in November 2010.  I also have a few half marathons, handful of 10ks and bunches of 5ks under my belt. 

I love racing and if I had to pick my most favorite distance... it would have to be the half marathon. The husband always tells me how much I rock at the half.  hehe, maybe that's why I like it.  The husband gets more excited at half marathons when he cheers.  He's my #1 fan... okay, like my ONLY fan :-)

My ultimate goal is to qualify to run Boston.  It would be so amazing to do that and to run on my home turf!

Last but not least: I run in memory of my mom.  Always.  She was an amazing woman and she inspires me everyday.   When I feel like quitting or I feel like it's too much- I think of all she went through and it picks me up and pushes me to keep going.  I honestly can say that this is the only way I got through the San Antonio marathon... that was a terrible race- blegh.