Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday April 25th

What's happening on April 25th you ask?  With all this injury funk I have been going through I figured I needed something to get me excited and a goal to focus on.  So, I pulled out my calendar yesterday and I picked a date that I am going to try out the good ol' knees and run.

Here is the plan:

-I will go out slowly and be OK with that.
-I will go for 1 mile and at that point I will assess how I am feeling and go from there. I would love to do 3... but realistically, I know that I might not be able to and I am going to be OK with that
-No matter what- I will enjoy it and I will be happy about it.
-If I need more recovery time I will just go with it.

Anyways... wish me luck!  I feel like I should make a paper chain count down and put gold stars all over it or something!

This weekend was a great one.  I got so excited and involved that there are no pictures to document it.  I did however "bake" a few things.  I tried out a new no-bake cookie recipe found here.  BTW- side note... that blog is a friend of mine back in UT who is pretty much amazing and you should all go to her blog and tell her how awesome she is.  :)  Back to the cookies... they were so yummy!  Check out my friend's blog for pictures... like I said.. no pictures.   Sad face.

The other thing I made and I DO have pictures of... are the famous protein bars by Jess (who is also fantastic).

Recipe found here.  I did change two things... first- I only had chocolate protein powder and no vanilla.. 2nd thing: I didn't  have any honey- only Agave.  So I substituted that and they come out fantastic.  Chocolatey-peanut buttery-goodness!  So.Delicious. 


Today's planned workout:

-An hour on the elliptical
-upper body weights
-and of course... a date with the foam roller. 

I may sit on the bike for a while and read.  I am reading "I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore.  It is addicting!  I am pacing myself through the book though so I don't finish it too fast.  It is KILLING me!  Haha...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursdays are my favorite :-)

First things first- thanks everyone for their awesome comments on the 2 years later post!  I have been meaning to do that post for a long time- just never did it.  Anyways, seriously though, yal are rock stars and I really appreciate the support!

Okay, I know it's Friday and Friday is another favorite day of mine... but I am talking about Thursday today :-)  Jon has been traveling a lot for work recently.  His schedule goes like this... gets up early Monday morning and goes to the airport and doesn't get home until late Thursday night.  So, Thursdays I wake up totally excited!  Sounds a little school-girl-ish but whatever.  I don't care.  

The fact that he is coming home makes everything better.  Even my workouts.  I  know... weird.  I spent about 50 minutes on the elliptical yesterday.  I did an IFitLive workout by Jillian Michaels.  Holy crud... talk about a sweat fest!  Thank goodness that I do this in my own home... I don't want anyone to have to witness the ridiculousness!  Haha... I thought about taking my picture, but I decided against it.  You already got an elliptical picture from me earlier this week :-).

Then came dinner.  Since I am home alone most nights, dinner has become my time to try new things or branch out and learning on how to cook a dinner in smaller portions.  So today, I am sharing with you one of my absolute favorites.  It's a recipe I took out of a book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I give unto you....

SKINNY-DOWN ENCHILADAS!  (okay... so that's not what the book calls it... but I figured by adding the word 'skinny' to it... you might trust me? haha.. or you'd run away going "ew! it must be gross!)

I also added my favorite staple.  Broccoli.  I could eat broccoli  Seriously.  I probably eat like 2lbs of it per day!  Or more.... haha... ;-) My other fav: tomatoes!! Yum!!

 Recipe (single serving):

1 lg whole-grain tortilla (I use La Tortilla Factory Whole wheat low carb- only 80cal! Or you can use 2 small whole grain tortillas)
2oz grilled chicken
2 TB light cream cheese
2 TB green chilies
4 TB green enchilada sauce
2 TB mozzarella cheese  

my addition: 2C steamed broccoli and 1/2 tomato hehe

Dice chicken.  In a bowl, mix cream cheese and green chilies together.  Spread cream cheese mixture onto tortilla and add 2TB green enchilada sauce, diced chicken and 1TB mozzarella cheese; roll tortilla up tightly.  In small pan cover with tin foil sprayed with cooking spray, place tortilla in pan and top with remaining 2 TB enchilada sauce and remaining 1TB cheese.  Cover with tinfoil to keep moist.  Bake in oven at 375 for 20 mins or until edges are crispy.  *mine usually only takes 15 mins*

I can't tell you how delicious this is- and healthy!!  Oh- and for steaming broccoli.  I will share with you a tip I learned.  See, when I am cooking for a bunch of people I will get my steamer out and steam the veggies.  However, when it's just me... that's a lot of cleaning up to do for just one person.  So, cut up your broccoli and put them in ziplock bags!  Seal them except for like 3/4" and put it in the microwave for 2mins and voila.  Steamed veggies for cheap.  You don't need to add water or anything.  I sometimes add seasonings.. but I usually wait to add those when they're done.  Then *gasp* I throw out the ziplock.  Easy peasy.  I was washing out my ziplocks until it got ridiculous.  You don't need name brands for this... even the cheap stuff works  great!  So, save yourself some dishes and save some $ if you buy the frozen veggie steamer bags.

Then last night was the BYU vs. Florida game. I had to record it so we could watch it together when Jon got home (it was over by the time he got home and I had to stay away from FB so I wouldn't see scores!!) We are die hard BYU fans (it is our alma mater after all!)  So I decided to make some festive treats!  S'mores on a stick :-)  Took marshmallows and dipped them into melted dark chocolate and rolled them into crushed graham crackers.  Divine.  Oh, and I of course had to get blue and white jelly beans!!  

Then after eating this... I hoped on the bike and cycled about 10miles while watching the game :-)  Great game.  Sad we lost... but it was fun to watch it with the husband and be able to have an excuse to make some fun treats!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 years later...

So, during my pity party earlier I started to realize how far I have really come in the past few years.  It is quite amazing to be honest.

March 2009 was a HUGE turning point for me.  I was the heaviest I had EVER been.  No really.  It was awful.  I couldn't take it anymore and I decided that I really was going to DO something about it instead of just TALK about it.  My motto became "There is no can't - just will or won't".

I just wanted to share some before and after photos.  I started at just under 150lbs.  For me being only 4'11"... that was a big deal.  I had a ton of self confidence issues and I wasn't happy.  It was a really hard time in my life- but I couldn't have done it with out my hubby.  Oh... and don't mind his funny looking cast in the pic below... he was going through therapy after cutting a couple tendons in his hand... ouch!

me and the hubby at his bday party (80's themed) March 2009

December 2008- 2 yr wedding anniversary

I started out small.  I joined a gym and I only went for time (worked up to 30 mins on the elliptical and went up from there).  I wasn't sure if I would ever return to running.  I hadn't run since I had foot surgery that happened in 2006 during marathon training.  I just gave up.  Plain and simple.  Life got busy and with that came a whole ton of pathetic excuses.  

Let's be honest, we all know it's a lie when we say "Oh, when ____ happens- then life will get less busy and I will find the time to do it"  Seriously, if you find yourself in that rut... ya better just suck it up and find a free 30 mins in your day.  I don't care what time it is!  I worked out as early as 4am and as late as midnight. (okay, i'm not saying lose sleep... but I think you understand what I'm trying to get at)  I understand how busy life can be and it's only going to get busier!!  Something is always going on and something new always happens to pop up right when you think it won't.  Anyways... moving on.

At that time we were still in Utah while Jon was finishing up his masters and doing the internship and job search thing.  Anyways, I had some friends who were signing up to run a 10k for July 4th in 2009.  My husband took an internship that was in Houston and he would be gone for the entire summer while I stayed in Utah.  I  knew I had to keep myself motivated while he was gone.  To do that- I needed to set goals.  My friends asked me to do the 10k.  I was scared.  I didn't know if I could do it.   I was always signing up for 5ks and I figured I would stick to those.  However, I knew if I wanted to challenge myself and lose the weight- I had to jump in and do the 10k and get out of my comfort zone.  So, that first 10k turned into three 10ks, 3 half marathons, a few 5ks, 6k and a full marathon going from July 4th 2009 to April 17th 2010.  With that came a loss of 40 lbs!  Since April 2010- I have run a few more half marathons, 5ks and another marathon and I am still wanting more! 

Here is my after :-)

First night in our new  home August 2010 with our awesome sparking cider :-)

Harry Potter world - Feb 2011

Hollywood studios - feb 2011

Epcot - feb 2011
Okay, so I don't have "proper" after shots... but seriously, I cannot express to you how much happier I am.  If you are struggling with weight and wanting to start your journey- I know how overwhelming it can be.  You have to take that first step and just start.  Even if it's only for 10 mins at a time!!  Don't give up either.  You will hit walls, but the harder you work, the better you will get.  If I can do it- anyone can!   Need advice or motivation- feel free to contact me!  I love love love talking about this sort of thing!

45mins w/ Jillian = hot mess

Taken on elliptical after finishing a serious workout with the ifit live with Jillian Michaels... woah baby!
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Facing the facts

Okay, I'm seriously a horrible blogger.  I guess I have just been a little down about the whole not really being able to run thing and I didn't want to bring every one else down with me.

I am taking more time off of running.  However, this time... it'll be legit.  I am not running until the middle of April.  At that time, I will test out the ITB situation and see how I am doing.  Here is the thing though, I have to get it through my head that I am going to have to start out like I am a beginner.  I am doing everything I can (weights, elliptical and bike) to keep up the cardio, however, that doesn't mean that I can automatically go out and start at 30 mile weeks initially.  I am going to have to see my first long run being like 4miles.  Just that thought alone is dreadful.  I am just facing the hard truth.  

I can't sign up for any races.  I keep getting e-mails informing me of races and I get all excited... until I remember that I'm injured.  Humph.

It's hard. 

The weather here has been gorgeous and I am sorely tempted to go outside and run.  This injury has been going on far too long.  All it needs is time and a lot of foam rolling.  I have been really diligent on doing that. 

Question:  when you foam roll your ITB... are you sore the next day??  Because I always am!  It's always up and down the side of my upper legs.  Woah nelly!

Welp, that's all for now.  Here is to another month of wishing I could be pounding the pavement and wishing I could be running a half marathon that's like literally down the street from me on the Saturday before Easter!!  Some day :-) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Princess Half

Alrighty, I cannot tell you how tricky formatting is today on the blog.  Oh well.  I just wanted to show off just a very few of the pictures we took during the race.  There are WAY more pictures and it was so hard to pick them... so I apologize if these don't completely tell the whole story.  

So, 3am came way too early for us on Feb. 27th!!  Thankfully, I felt like I had slept enough and I jumped right out of bed and started getting my gear together.  We were both a little out of it- but we were excited!!  We headed out of the hotel at 3:45am to catch the bus.  From there we went to Epcot.  We finished pinning on our numbers and checked our gear bags.  Then came the 20min walk to the starting line.  

It was super dark and I had no idea where we were.  We were just following the crowds until we got to the start and all the corrals.  We were in the very last one: F.  When the race started up "Fairy-god-mother" started each corral off and there were fireworks too!  Heh, our pictures of that were not pretty.  So, sorry. 

It took us 40 minutes to finally start after the first corral went.  It was amazing!  We kept it low key and slow.  We didn't care about time- just finishing.  However, mother nature decided to come around by mile 4 and we ended up waiting in some serious porta john lines.  Seriously, mile 1-5 went by fast and were a blur.  Then my knees decided to play a fun trick on me.  Usually it's my left knee that hurts... however, this time... it was my right knee.  Weirdly enough- skipping helped it feel better.  So there I was... skipping through Magic Kingdom- haha!  I figured- it's probably the only race in the world where it wouldn't be weird to be seen skipping... it is the most magical place on earth, right? ;-)

Magic kingdom was fantastic!  We ran through Cinderella's castle!  Shannon was giddy like a school girl and we were just having a ton of fun.  By mile 9 I was hurting bad.  I was shuffling and skipping at this point.  I felt so bad.  We were walking a ton too.  There was no way that I wasn't going to finish with Shannon.  She was nice enough to be slow with me :-)   *note the ice strapped to my legs in the pic below..

This race was amazing- minus the knees of course.  I would do this again in a heart beat.  Maybe next time I do it- I won't be injured and I can go for a PR maybe.  Wishful thinking!  I was so happy that I did this with my sister.  It gave us a chance to bond and share something.  I would totally love to get our other sister involved along with sis-in-laws.  Girls weekend??? Maybe??
BAM!  Check out that bling!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being Princess Crystal for a day: Check!

Okay, so the Princess half marathon recap will be coming in the next day or so- I just wanted to say that we did it!  My sister, Shannon, was a complete rock-star! She was all worried that she'd be holding me back when in actuality- I held her back because of my awesome knees.  We didn't care though.  I think our only concern that we had was not getting "picked up" by the cart- which I knew wasn't going to be a problem :-)  That meant pitstops, pictures galore, laughing, walking, skipping and shuffling :-)  Like stated in the last post: I didn't care whatsoever about my time.  This was the best race I've ever had- despite all my knee issues (which will be explained in more detail soon) this was just so much fun.  Thank you, Shannon for sharing this experience with me- it was such a blast!  A memory I'll never forget!