Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday April 25th

What's happening on April 25th you ask?  With all this injury funk I have been going through I figured I needed something to get me excited and a goal to focus on.  So, I pulled out my calendar yesterday and I picked a date that I am going to try out the good ol' knees and run.

Here is the plan:

-I will go out slowly and be OK with that.
-I will go for 1 mile and at that point I will assess how I am feeling and go from there. I would love to do 3... but realistically, I know that I might not be able to and I am going to be OK with that
-No matter what- I will enjoy it and I will be happy about it.
-If I need more recovery time I will just go with it.

Anyways... wish me luck!  I feel like I should make a paper chain count down and put gold stars all over it or something!

This weekend was a great one.  I got so excited and involved that there are no pictures to document it.  I did however "bake" a few things.  I tried out a new no-bake cookie recipe found here.  BTW- side note... that blog is a friend of mine back in UT who is pretty much amazing and you should all go to her blog and tell her how awesome she is.  :)  Back to the cookies... they were so yummy!  Check out my friend's blog for pictures... like I said.. no pictures.   Sad face.

The other thing I made and I DO have pictures of... are the famous protein bars by Jess (who is also fantastic).

Recipe found here.  I did change two things... first- I only had chocolate protein powder and no vanilla.. 2nd thing: I didn't  have any honey- only Agave.  So I substituted that and they come out fantastic.  Chocolatey-peanut buttery-goodness!  So.Delicious. 


Today's planned workout:

-An hour on the elliptical
-upper body weights
-and of course... a date with the foam roller. 

I may sit on the bike for a while and read.  I am reading "I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore.  It is addicting!  I am pacing myself through the book though so I don't finish it too fast.  It is KILLING me!  Haha...

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