Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being Princess Crystal for a day: Check!

Okay, so the Princess half marathon recap will be coming in the next day or so- I just wanted to say that we did it!  My sister, Shannon, was a complete rock-star! She was all worried that she'd be holding me back when in actuality- I held her back because of my awesome knees.  We didn't care though.  I think our only concern that we had was not getting "picked up" by the cart- which I knew wasn't going to be a problem :-)  That meant pitstops, pictures galore, laughing, walking, skipping and shuffling :-)  Like stated in the last post: I didn't care whatsoever about my time.  This was the best race I've ever had- despite all my knee issues (which will be explained in more detail soon) this was just so much fun.  Thank you, Shannon for sharing this experience with me- it was such a blast!  A memory I'll never forget!

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Shannon said...

This was my first 1/2.. maybe not my last. Looking forward to running this race again- someday ;) Thanks Crystal for getting me motivated to do this. It was so fun, the laughing, the shuffling, the skipping LOL!!! Good Times! Thanks for the memories!