Thursday, February 25, 2010

51 days...

That's right, Folks! 51 days until the SLC marathon!! I am kind've freaking out here! I feel confident about it when I don't really take the time to think too much about it. However, when I think about some of my "failed" long runs I get a little nervous and feel like I set myself up for something that is starting to feel impossible. Anyone else ever felt like that?

I am really excited though because I have reserved our hotel room for that night and I feel like things are just coming into place! The 2 weeks following the marathon are going to be crazy! Jon is graduating with his masters of information systems the following weekend and then the week after that we are moving to Houston, TX!! These are exciting times! Bring it on!

On Tuesday I was thinking about all of the above during my run. I was doing a 4 mile run on the good ol' hamster wheel at the gym. The last half mile though, I really started to struggle. I don't think I was really going too fast, I think I was just staring at the mileage and I felt like I had been going forever and the numbers were changing in slow motion! Then I started to think of my mom. She passed away when I was 11 from what started out as breast cancer. I started to think about how much I wish she was going to be there at the marathon cheering me on and then at Jon's graduation with her big smile. As I was struggling to finish up that last half mile I just kept thinking, "If Mom could battle her fight with cancer for like 5 years- I can make this last measly half mile." Then I just took off (as much as you can on a treadmill...) and I finished strong.

This is part of the main reason why I run. She was never able to come to a cross country or track meet but I always felt like she was there- pushing me on when I didn't want to go any further. This marathon I am running it in memory of her. I'll be wearing as much pink as I possibly can and I will be pushing along saying my silly mantras and thinking of her and hoping she'll be running along my side pushing me along.

I am thankful for my family. My husband is my biggest fan and he cheers me on in every race... hmm.. maybe I should get him a cowbell? More manly than a pom pom, no? My in-laws will also be there cheering me on! They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met and they have truly inspired me to get back on the wheel this last year!

Okay, last thing, promise. I want a running skirt so badly. However, I feel like it would be frivolous purchase right now because of our big move coming up and we'll be really poor right before Jon starts his new job! I've been checking different sites and I want them all! I just can't find a reason to justify buying one when I already have perfectly working shorts and things.

However, I think I found the one that I really want and if I can buy it- I will most def. be wearing it at the marathon! It is by "Tricks" aka: Skirt Sports. I believe this was one of their first styles that started it all. I want all of their skirts! They have lots of pockets for whatever you take on runs and also they have coverage underneath (always a plus). The main good thing about this particular skirt is that when you buy it- you are donating to cancer research. See... it wouldn't be THAT frivolous... right??? Here is a link in case anyone really likes it too :-) Breast Cancer Marathon Skirt

Check out all that pink! I want! :-)

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Charlene said...

Ok, totally want that skirt too!!! I love pink and am obsessed with it lol. As for you race, you will do great! You have been training for months, and you know that all that running isn't setting you up for failure ;) Just remember your mom and crank up those tunes and you will do great! I wish I could be there to run it with you. Maybe someday right? Love you!