Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just thought you'd like to know...

81 days until the Salt Lake City Marathon!! Isn't that crazy? It feels like I have been training and waiting for forever! It sounds like it's far away- but time is going to go by really fast here on out!

I've been starting to look at races that I could do in Texas. The San Antonio marathon is in November and then the Houston Marathon is in January... so many choices!! Then there are a TON of half marathons! There are also a lot of running groups in Houston that I could join to meet new people. I think they meet like once or twice a week.

Can you tell I am getting anxious to get out to TX? It could be partially because we are so far into winter right now we can't see an end to it yet! I am itching to run outside in the daylight! Thankfully- I'll be able to run outside pretty much all year round outside in TX! Granted, it does get a little chilly in the winter- but it's nothing like UT or NH! Snow free sidewalks! That's like a dream come true! :-)

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