Friday, July 16, 2010

Today I am thankful for running

So, it's official!! My oldest sister and I have signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!! My sister loves everything Disney. No really. It's her most favorite place in the entire world. If she could live in Cinderella's castle, she would. Well, I guess- who wouldn't want to live in Cinderella's castle??

Anyways, we signed up as a team!! We wanted our team name to be: "Gulf Coast Beauty and East Coast Belle". However, it was a little long and we couldn't abbreviate it that much for it to make sense. So, now our team name is: "TX Beauty + NH Belle". Awesome. I am so excited!!

So, why am I thankful for running? Well, running has always been there for me during the good times and bad. It has lifted me up and kept me feeling good and healthy. It keeps me sane!! It has also brought me and my sister closer together. You see, there is a 15 year age difference between us. Who would've thought that you could have a really good relationship with a sibling that much older than you? I know it's always possible, however, let's be honest- when I was 3 she went off to college and I didn't really get to know her that well. Then our mom passed away when I was 11 and she became my mother figure- always keeping me on the right track.

Then I moved off to college (BYU in Utah) in 2003 and now I just moved to Texas for the hubby's job. So, I've been gone from home for quite a long time. Anyways, the last few years I have been getting back into running and training. In these last few years my sister was also getting healthy and this last year, she has started running for the first time! We call each other up for pep talks before races now or talk about our training- the good days and bad.

This is why I am thankful for running. It has brought us really close together aside from everything else and running is constant. I am so excited for her to do this half marathon with me. As of now, she hasn't run a half before- so it may be her first (unless she runs one this fall). I am so excited for her! Let's just hope I can keep up now :-)

I heart running :-) Why do you?


Tricia said...


oh, and keep in touch. Maybe we can meet up at RnR SA. I'm semi planning a bloggy meet up for dinner the night before.

Crystal said...

That sounds awesome! I'd be down :)

Oh and congrats on getting sponsored by Sony- how cool is that! I can't wait to read your review on their mp3 player. I was looking at it the other day and it looked pretty nice.