Monday, July 5, 2010


Yep... that's me. Sorry blogging world. Life happens. But! I am running like a mad woman! 32 miles last week :-)

So, just wanted to share a quick story from my long run 2 Saturdays ago (6/26). I ran 13 miles, BOO YAH! It was hot and humid out. I seriously ran through every single sprinkler I could. I was soaking wet... and I wish I could say that all of that was from the sprinklers :-( Stupid humidity turning me into "Sweaty Betty"!

Anyways, I had to go to the bathroom around mile 8 or 10. At the time I was in a neighborhood that is currently building some new homes. I came down this one part of the neighborhood and saw a blue porta-john. I was so excited!! It was pretty early in the morning and there were no workers out. So, I decided to do a TP check on the inside- Check! and sanitizer! Bonus! I debated if I should just go ahead and use it or not. I knew that if I didn't use it, my pace would suffer on the way home. I was about 2 seconds from using it when I noticed this creeper across the street in his car. He wasn't a construction worker and he was just staring at me! He wasn't in front of a house or anything like that and there was no one else around. So, that took care of that! I got back on the road and headed home and sadly left the blue porta-john behind.

I hate the fact that I have to be worried about creepers! It's really frustrating sometimes. So, I guess two questions-

First: what do you do on your outdoor runs to protect yourself from awkward situations with creepers? Do you switch sides of the road, carry pepper spray...etc?

2nd question- when you have to GO while you're on the run- what do you do?? Suck it up, use the random porta john on the side of the road (not for race use) or find a store/gas station?

One last thing... registration for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon opens up tomorrow!!! My sister and I are so there!


Tricia said...

EEk, scary!

I pretty much only run with a partner right now, but I know thats unrealistic for most people.

As far as the potty goes, we either plan a route that loops back by the house just in case or that has a gas station along it.

Charlene said...

I know how scary that is. I always carry my phone on me (no matter how much I hate having it with me)...and when situations like that come up I pretend to be talking on the phone.(That way the person knows that someone knows where I am) When I start training for the half marathon...I will be getting pepper spray.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I know I NEED to be more careful, I know some women run with mace, there is runners mace. I usually switch sides of the road or go FASTER. I would use any potty I could find. LOL

The shirt can be found on Dick's sporting goods or Nordstrom.. Hugs!