Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I don't know how you do it...

Dear all moms,

So, I am not a mom (yet). It will be a little while until that happens, however, today my sister-in-law and her family arrived from Utah to visit. I have a lot of nieces and nephews on my side of the family and I even work in a daycare at a gym a few days a week- so I am not unfamiliar with kids or anything like that... I just am always able to pass them on to their parents when the time comes.

Anyways, the point of this "letter" is to tell all of you mom's how much I respect you for getting out there and keeping up your exercise and running. It takes a lot of work just to keep sane sometimes I'm sure. Today I wasn't able to go out and run like I wanted to because things just came up and my sweet niece and nephew needed a little extra looking after.

After quite a few melt downs my sis-in-law said, "this is why I eat junk food". It made me laugh. But in all seriousness, I just hope that I can keep up running by the time the kiddos come into my life and be able to find a balance in life.

There was a mom who dropped her kid off at the gym today and she was like, "i'm sorry you have to look after all these kids". I just looked at her and I thought "I did sign up for this knowingly.." Then I said to her, "that's the point of this, so you can get some 'me' time and get in your exercise to better yourself and your family". That's really what running does for me now. It makes me a better person and in return it has strengthened my marriage a little too.

So to all you mom's- keep up the AMAZING work of finding a balance and getting out there when you'd rather eat junk food. You all inspire me and I hope I can be like all of you when that time comes.

Now I just need to figure out what to do about the whole not exercising thing today... cookies?? ;) just kidding!!




Teamarcia said...

Aw shucks! I find I am a much better me if I make the time to squeeze my workout in somewhere.

The Miguel Family said...

Thanks C. It is a challenge sometimes to stay motivated to run, but I figure I am teaching little Liam some good habits that will hopefully keep him healthy too. Thanks for the encouraging words.