Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 miler gone wrong

This morning I decided to sleep in. I was so exhausted from this last week that I just said "no way" to the alarm and headed back to bed at 5:30am. I had my 10miler run looming over my head and I decided that I would run it after my stomach had settled after lunch.

Because it was super hot and there was a chance of a downpour, I had to hit the treadmill. Not my favorite- but sometimes that's just what you have to do. I headed out to the gym in my cute RunningSkirt (running camp skirt- love it!) that the hubby got me for my birthday in May and I was excited to get this done! I just felt good and full of energy- as my mother-in-law would say, "a tough Texas woman"- that's how I felt :-)

There were some characters at the gym today. I'm talking super awesome jean cut offs... It made for really good people watching (is that awful??). I was feeling good and I felt like I was getting my 2nd wind for the whole first half of it. I was just feeling good. Then around mile 5- the thought "oh no!" came up and I had to hit the stop button and run to the bathroom. Stupid GI issues. Then after that, I was still feeling good all over except for my stomach. Blegh. I ran for another 2.5miles and I again had to hit the "stop" button and this time I just left everything on the mill and ran to the locker room as fast as I could. It was that bad.

How awful! I'm not sure what's up with my digestive system, but I was just so bummed today because I was really feeling good (minus the bathroom issues). Maybe it was payback for keeping myself occupied with "people-watching". I had to cut it short at 7.5 miles because I just knew that I was going to keep having to run to the bathroom. Heh, I'm sure people noticed and probably thought I was some crazy person.

I guess the positives I can take away from this is that I was feeling good enough to finish with flying colors (if I hadn't had other issues). That's always a good sign when you're running double digits. Granted, it was on the TM, but who cares?? At least I got out there, right?? :-)

Quote of the day: "pass gas, not judgment"

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Tricia said...

love that skirt. Thinking about wearing it for RnR SA