Monday, October 5, 2009

So. Cold.

This evening after work I decided to do a 5+mile run. I put on my "knickers", long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt and colorful gloves. I figured that would get me through. I wasn't completely wrong... but by the time I was 3 blocks away from being done and home- I was so stinking cold!! I'm not sure what else I really could have worn... earmuffs? I really need to invest in a "running jacket". Like a REAL running jacket. Not a hoodie or a thin zip up jacket. I've been meaning to buy one... but I was planning on not really needing it until Halloween/early November. I honestly thought I would have more time to prepare for the cold and to buy items that I've either gotten rid of or have just gotten really old. The last time I was seriously running in the cold was the winter before I had foot surgery. That was 4 years ago! Hah, that makes me sound like a serious slacker when I admit to how long ago that was!

I'm still cold though- even after the run. Jon always asks me why my body doesn't produce heat. ever. Poor blood circulation? I don't really know. Oh well- time to sit back and drink my first cup of hot chocolate of the season :-) That'll warm me up!

Before I post the run- I'd like to announce that I have officially signed up to run the 2010 Salt Lake City Marathon this April. I am really nervous about it. I have my two half marathons coming up in the next month- we'll see how I feel :-) Oh and last thing- my costume for the Halloween Half Marathon will be revealed soon! Get ready!

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