Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Teaser

15 days until the Provo Halloween Half Marathon. This event is going to be so awesome! I am really looking forward to it. It's going to be uber cold because we're running in the canyon and along the Provo River! Is this giving anyone else chills??? No but really, this is going to be really fun. Jon has volunteered to hand out race packets the day before the race- so nice of him :-) Well... maybe i asked him to do it... but he totally could've said no. We do get free stuff if he does it :-) free shirt for him and running cap for me! See? It's worth it! Anyways, if you're in the area and are running the mileage to do a half- you should really do this half marathon. They're having a raffle at the race, free shirt, and finisher medals for everyone- awesome! I'd tell you what my costume is... but then i'd have to... nevermind. So, here is the teaser. I'm showing you part of my costume... a very close up picture of the costume. Enjoy!


Jon said...

I know what the costume is!!!

Charlene said...

I know what it is too! haha I just can't wait to see Crystal in it.