Saturday, October 24, 2009

BYU Cougar 5k Run

Today was awesome! Jon and I got up and got ready and headed over to the BYU track to pick up my race bib and shirt. Then- we headed over to the ESPN College Game Day set up. That was pretty cool- other than I'm too short to see anything haha... Lots of flags and signs, cheering, booing.... everything you'd expect :-) It's homecoming week and BYU is playing TCU today.. actually they're playing now... and BYU isn't doing so hot at the moment.. anyways! After a while we headed back to the track and we caught a few of the kid races- so cute! I hope my kids will want to do stuff like that some day.

The 5k race started at 9:45am and we ran the parade route. I was a little nervous but I warmed up for about 15 minutes and was ready to go. I felt pretty confident :-) I know it's kind've boring when someone just gives a play-by-play of a race... so I'll spare you from most of it.

University Parkway went well- nice long hill. Although, I got stuck in a pack of like 10 people who kept slowing down and when I tried to pass one of them, they sped up. Sounds like driving, huh? It's just like, really??? Either run faster or just let me pass you- I just need like a few feet! Then the down hill- 900 East was great! Passed a lot of people up. Only downside of the down hill... because today was the homecoming game different places around Provo were serving a Blue Pancake Breakfast and I passed up like 2 and even though it smelled great- it's nothing something you want to smell when you're running. Gross.

Anyways, during the last mile I got a cramp in my shoulder so that slowed me down a little. When I finally entered the track to finish there was a small group of people who were running together and they were being kind've ridiculous. For example, one genius decided he was going to jump a hurdle because it just happened to be on the side of the track and he almost didn't clear it. Honestly. Just run! Maybe I'm a party pooper... but you're less than a lap away from the finish... just run!!

I finished strong and was really happy with my time. I finished in 27:07. For those of you who don't know- this is a pretty big deal for me. I haven't seen numbers like that since WAY before I had foot surgery. It's definitely not my PR of all time- but post surgery- it is a PR for me. :-) I'm really happy with this race and want to know the best part about it? Last year, I ran this race in 33:10. I shaved off SIX minutes! Wahoo! Here is another piece of fact for your enjoyment. In 2004 I ran this race in just under 25 minutes. I know I still have some work to do- but for now- I am happy :-)

One week until the Halloween Half!!


Charlene said...

Yay Crystal....keep up the good work. It's funny to see you next to that really tall guy in the picture. Did you end up passing him? Can't wait to see you costumes.

Charlene said...

lol I meant to say "can't wait to see your halloween costume"...but got distrated by Aidan. teehee

Crystal said...

hehe! Yeah, I did end up passing that guy. Those pics were taken after I passed the group of people trying to clear the hurdle. Thankfully.. what you don't see is the girl who finished before me... she was getting sick on the track.. if you catch my drift. It was so gross! someone pulled her out and stood there in place for her to get our times. I will be forever glad for the girl who stepped in.. I wouldn't have been able to handle watching that girl get sick any longer!