Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Saturday Run

This last Saturday I decided to do 12 miles. I realize that some of your mouths are dropping and ready to accuse me of being crazy. Maybe I am- I haven't been tested for that yet ;-) It was really enjoyable though. I did have a lot of highs and lows throughout the run, but overall- it was great.

One thing that I really need to stop caring about is how fast/slow I go. I recently joined dailymile and I have fun looking at the "leader board". This keeps track of who is running the furthest. You want to see crazy people- head on over and look at it!! Jon and I have fun looking at the distances some people do and they say something like "this was a shorter run for me" and it was like 9-10miles! The only downside of looking at this is that I get caught up in people's paces. There was a girl who did a long run (14-16miles) and she maintained a pace of under 8 minutes! I just can't fathom how!! I am struggling to make sure I stay under 10min miles on my long runs. In shorter races I can do under 9min miles... but honestly, I couldn't do that for over 6miles.

This long run I did- I ran it slower than I ran my first half marathon and I am hoping that this isn't a sign of what is to come for my next 2 halves! Yikes. What I really enjoyed about this run was that I was able to listen to a book on my Zune. My husband was nice enough to help me get the book on the Zune and compiling all the tracks by chapter. He got a program that can do that- it's pretty cool! Anyways, it kept my brain focused on the story and not on the run- if that makes sense? It was really enjoyable!

Anyways, here is the run :-)

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