Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today I was brave

So, this last week I was feeling strong and I decided to let myself run every other day and see how that went.  I ran 6 miles on Monday- it was awesome! I felt like I was flying!!  I ended it when I started feeling pain.  Then on Tuesday- my knees (note... knees plural... uh oh) were killing!  So I waited out Tuesday and decided to see how I felt by the end of the day and I felt fine.  Wednesday came and I was feeling great.  So, I ran 5 miles.  Same deal.  Went until I felt pain.  But boy... knees just aren't doing much better. 

So, today I was brave.  I e-mailed the race director of the Texas Marathon that is on Jan. 1st and I had to ask them to donate my spot to someone on the waiting list.  You have NO idea how hard that was.  It killed me to do it. 

I am having a hard time with this... but there will always be other races, other things to train for and I can at least volunteer and give back to other runners by helping out at local events until I can get back out there.  This has just been so depressing.  Doctor telling me nothing is wrong... but that I have just over used my muscles and they need to rest.  No other guidance other than to spin on a bike. 

Heh, can you imagine what my thoughts have been when thinking about turning to cycling for recovery??  Biking the race from Houston to Austin... I think it's called like the the MC150 or something?  I don't know... just a thought. I've never been one to be big on cycling.  I think I'm just afraid of falling off.  That's why I run.  I'm not coordinated!  We'll see... that's just a crazy thought.  I threw out my old bike in Utah... so I'd first have to get a bike... all I have is a stationary upright bike at home. 

Anyways, thank you for all of your support through this.  Any advice would be much appreciated. 

Have you had to be brave and call it quits on a race- even when it really killed you to do it?

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Andrew Opala said...

Wow - this is a terrible story. I'm sorry for your pain - maybe this will be a time to get tougher emotionally while your body strengthens ...