Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hot and dangerous

So... I DID IT!!  I went to spin class.  I walked in while I saw others "gathering" by their bikes.  As I walked in I announced I had never been there before and asked if anyone wouldn't mind running me through what I needed to do.  Heh, one lady smiled and walked out... but one lady was nice enough to help me.  She said "we all had our first time!!" so, it was really nice of her to help me out.  Now the question is... now that I know my seat settings- how do I move the seat on my own for the next time?  :-)  Ah... the next adventure is tonight.  I am hoping that my sister-in-law will join me. We will see.

I did really enjoy it though and as the title of this post says... I felt hot and dangerous (Thank you Ke$ha for that!).  I think it helped that I have ridden on my bike at home a lot.  The buns weren't dying the next day :-)  Thanks all for helping to encourage me to get there!  I did really enjoy it!

One last thing that I will share.  Because I am taking off time from legit running- I have decided to revamp my whole routine: nutrition and exercise.  I am really excited about it too.  My friend Holley (my very missed running buddy back in UT) introduced me to a 12wk program that she did this last summer and holy cow- she looks amazing! No, there aren't any miracle pills, quick fixes or weird diet food.  It's just a guide to eat smaller meals more frequently along with a mock personal training schedule (list of all the workouts you need to do... without a physical person being with you.  aka: much cheaper!) In order to get myself on track for the right rest days- this will all be starting on Monday.  I know... it sounds like a "new years resolution" that will only last a month.  I meant to do this a long time ago... but I was waiting for giveaways to win money in order to do it and well... as you may have guessed- I didn't win.  Such is life :)

I leave you with this gem I found on my phone... See!  Sometimes my hair looks good!! :-)  I was sporting my awesome "marathon for the cure" tank thing... it wasn't too terrible.  However, once I put my hair up and put on a Bondi Band... I looked like a man... wearing a sack of potatoes (hehe).  At least the skirt helped :)

The morning of RnR San Antonio getting ready at our friend's house.... before I had any clue where I would be 6 weeks later:  injured

I told you... hot and dangerous :-)

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