Monday, December 27, 2010

Doing something new

Tomorrow I am attending my first EVER spin class.  I am so nervous!  I have been trying to talk myself out of it or come up with excuses to not go.  I always hate going to a class for the first time.  Like the time I went to a weights class at the gym- I showed up completely clueless as everyone who had been there for the 15min abs class before had all of their stuff laid out (mat, barbell, steps, etc...).  I looked silly being the last one to get all of my "stuff".  Then I came back to a mat I left behind near my water bottle only to find that someone else claimed it. Humph. 

I know, I am paranoid!  It's just like the dream you have when you go out into public naked- you panic!  Okay, no, I don't show up naked... I just feel wicked sheepish when I don't know what I'm doing or whatever.

Sunday and today my knees have been aching.  I half think that sometimes my pain might have to do with my job.  I get to play with kids on the floor... so I'm on my knees.  A lot.  Problem? Maybe.  I also sat on a SUPER comfy couch tonight, however, I was too short for it.  My knees barely reached the end of the cushion.  My legs were sticking out a little too.   It was so painful!  Needless to say... no workout tonight.  Sad.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Do you get nervous when you go a workout class for the first time?   


Amber said...

I do! Its always better with a friend. One time I needed to leave early and the man holding the class yelled that I was quitter as I was leaving. I really couldn't believe his nerve.

Make sure to bring your towel to spin, and don't be shy about asking someone/the instructor to hep you with your bike settings.

Good luck!

Charlene said...

I love spinning class. My gym doesn't have it. But I have taken a few classes elsewhere. Good luck!