Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are you KIDDING ME???

Okay, so this morning I decided to look at the projected weather for Sunday (RACE DAY!!).  It said 87 for the high and like 10% chance of rain.  A little hot... but I have been running in HOUSTON all summer long- so bring it on.  So, I was gearing up in my head that all will be okay and that I can do this and the weather would be great.  Sunny skies, no rain... smooth sailing for me.

Five minutes ago... this is what I saw.

High of 64 degrees
Low of 50 degrees
40% chance of rain

Seriously??  That's quite a DRAMATIC change!  I know that usually the projected weather changes and you can sort've get an idea of what to expect... but I didn't expect over 20 degrees different!!  I know, I'm being dramatic... but do you blame me??  Cold rainy weather = gross. I know I used to live in NH and let me tell you, if you haven't experienced a New England winter- thank your lucky stars.  I was spoiled these last 7 years in Utah- winter was a breeze... no pun intended.  It snowed, it was a little cold... BUT! It melted!  And  now... I am in HOT-STICKY-HUMID-HOUSTON, TX.  Okay, now I'm getting off track...

So, there won't be any snow in San Antonio this Sunday, but if the weather stays where it's at- I am going to be one cold wimp woman.  I know what  you're thinking- 64 isn't bad and is pretty much perfect for racing.  Which is true and I completely agree- but! 64 is the high and it may or may not make it there.  I'm more concerned about the temps before and at the start and I'm most bothered by rain. To think... I was getting excited today about the possibility of not having to bring a throw-away long sleeve... Humph.

4 days left... Still hacking up gunk, but feeling good.

Note to self: remember to pack a trash bag and cut armholes in it... I hate running in the rain during races :-(

To all those who have now read this and concluded that I am completely ridiculous- I'm sorry.  It was just hard to gear myself up for 80 degree weather and now have to change it all... it's a mental thing.  :-)  The more I re read this post the more I feel silly about being so bothered about something that may or may not happen... haha... Can you tell I'm tapering??


Tricia said...

pretty sure its up to 60% now...


yeah, I'm not helping

see you saturday!

Stacie said...

After surviving Portland with monsoon rains I will be praying extra hard for perfect running weather for you. Good luck!!!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I would be the same way! Hope it doesn't rain!