Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All I want for Christmas is... a torture device??

Yesterday I made an appointment to see a knee doctor- thanks Erika for the info!  They can't see me until a week from today.. bummer.  Oh well.  I'm glad that I have it set up though.  Jon jokes that I'll be all better by then... fat chance!

So, want to know what else I did yesterday??  I bought my own personal torture device to help me with me IT-band issues.  A foam roller. I've used it before at the gym, but not for IT-band issues.  Holy crud... it is so painful!!  I had to watch videos to make sure I did it right- haha.  As long as it helps me heal faster, it will make up for the fact that I bought myself a torture device (I hope).  This week I also went out and bought new shoes... so hopefully this will all help!

PS: don't mind the awful picture...  

I'm still debating the January marathon.  I've gotten so caught up in all of this, that I forgot that I was doing this all for fun.  I don't HAVE to run it.  I won't be made fun of if I don't because I'm injured- I'll probably be more consoled more than anything. My husband will probably sigh a breathe of relief to himself haha.... this isn't me saying that I'm not running it, but I know it is possibility.  I just got so excited that it's on New Years Day and it's on a Saturday!!  That's a small part of why I'm so disappointed at the possibility of not running it.  We will see though.  It all depends on how I am feeling this week and what my doc says.  Cross your fingers!!!


Teamarcia said...

Oh if only we had a crystal ball. get it? CRYSTAL ball?
Speedy healing!

Stacie said...

I recently got my own torture device also. My knees have been a pain in my rear. I'm hoping these rollers hold the key to our healing. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for the marathon.

ron said...

That's not a torture device; THIS is a torture device: www.rumbleroller.com It's also more effective for loosening up the ITB.