Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This past Saturday (the 11th) I ran in the BYU Cougar Run for homecoming. I tell you what- it was sooo cold! Thankfully- I have my winter running gear that is perfect for cold mornings. Before the race they had events for kids under the age of 12. It was so cute! They had a 200 meter race for some little kids (5 and under). I'm not sure what their parents did to get them out of their warm beds- but it was cute. Some never left the starting line, or some started running the wrong way. Jon and I had a good time watching them. There were some older kids in longer races that were really intense! I was impressed!

The race itself wasn't too bad- but it was just so cold out! The scoreboard at the track said it was 37 degrees! Why do I subject myself to such torture? Oh well. Anyways- we ran most of the parade route and people were sitting on the side of the streets cheering us on. There were a ton of people who ran- and there was even a 75 year old woman running it with her grand daughter and she did so well! She was my hero of the day. :-) I just hope that I can be that fit by the time I hit that age.

While I was running- Leanna (Jon's sister) joined him at the track (where we finished) so that was really nice. It's always nice to have support- even if they're not running with you. All in all- it was a good race and I finished and I'm happy about that! Jon and Leanna- you guy's are troopers to stand out in the cold to watch a bunch of crazy people- thank you!


Charlene said...

Hey Crystal....geez that would be cold. I can't believe you already did a race after just getting back into running. Good for you. I am going to do the ogden half marathon in may. My sister will be doing the full marathon. so it should be fun. I think I am going to do a 5k this winter.

Crystal said...

heh, i guess that I did fail to mention that I ran a race in September in the canyon and was running most of the summer in Arkansas... but nowhere special- just around our complex. We lived off of a busy road.. like 101 in Bedford. However, one lap around the complex was a mile. It was tedious- but i have been doing it for a few months now.

Michelle said...

Crystaal! You are an inspiration to us all! I need to be like you

BrittWilk said...

i'm totally inspired by your running. maybe someday i'll love it, but for now it is just a necessary evil. :)