Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeling a bit lame...

Tonight I went on this little run. Once I finally had time to run it was getting dark out. So, Jon- being the wonderful husband that he is- volunteered to ride his bike alongside me. I didn't even ask- he piped up and said that he would because it was dark. Heh, maybe he just had homework he didn't want to do. Either way, he's a real sweetie :-)

Anyways, a little earlier we ate dinner that consisted of quite a bit of pasta. I'm not sure if you've ever gone running a half hour after you've eaten pasta. It's a near death experience... okay, so I'm exaggerating by a lot.. but it's not fun whatsoever. My body felt fine (the parts that kept me moving forward) but my stomach wasn't doing so hot. Note to self.. never do that again. :-) Thankfully, we weren't planning to go far at all due to the darkness. As a side note- south Provo really needs street lights! There were some parts where I couldn't even see the sidewalk and I was praying that I wouldn't land on a crab apple and completely bite the dust! Oh well.. c'est la vie! So here it is... short.. but better than nothing :-)

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