Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Wanda

This is Wanda.

She is my new pal.

She lives in my living room and is quiet as can be! She watches Gilmore Girls with me, keeps me company when I am bored and sweats right along with me.

Haha, okay no really... We bought this bike recently and I love it! It in no way takes the place of my running or anything like that- but sometimes when Jon is busy with school work and I've cleaned up after dinner and done everything that needed to get done and it's too dark outside to run by myself.... I need to do something! Jon usually takes up most of the living room when he's doing school work or grading papers- understandable- we used to do it together- we'd each have half of the room for all of our books and papers. So- that makes is hard to do any sort of cardio video at night. Now, instead of sitting around- I can pedal along w/ whatever it's on the TV or I can read my book while I do it. It's pretty fun and even if i'm not being very intense with it- i'm still moving.

Also as an update- we've been soo busy and running hasn't really been an option for the last 2 weeks or so. However, I have started bringing my running gear to work and after work I go to the BYU indoor track. Not my favorite place.. but when it's too dark or raining- it's my best option.. and it's free. You can't go wrong with that. The only thing that stinks is that I don't have my Zune. I had to send it to Microsoft to get fixed. It's okay- not everything is going to always work perfect. It just won't fully charge or connect to the computer so I can add songs to it. It was like that the first time I used it. Then I was able to add songs a few times. Whenever I was able to- I would add as much as I could before it disconnected. It was very weird. I think they'll understand when they get it- I don't have half of the storage filled and as it is- it's only 8 gigs. Oh well, it'll be back soon!!

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Garrett and Jessica said...

Hey Crystal! I just stumbled upon your blog, which is, in my opinion, super cool. I just wish we were still in Provo, and I could run some of your routes. Heck, perhaps we could even run together!

I remember a while back you told me about your surgery, and how it was hard to get back into running. I'm way happy that you are able to start now. Awesome blog, awesome post. I'll check this blog often! :)