Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear running shoes,

Guess what!??  Unless my doctor says any differently- One week from today I get to lace up and go for my first run in like 2 months!  I am itching to get out there!!  I am going to go out there this time and do it right.  It's time to learn from my mistakes and have confidence.

love, C

(yes... that is my abs ball... I store it in my bathtub.. haha... and for whatever reason... my running shoes have found a home there too...)

I know I haven't been updating you with anything going on around here.  The husband  has been traveling a ton for work.  Life has just been crazy busy.  I have been meeting with  a doctor about some things (non injury related) and last Monday I went into the doc's office expecting to just have blood work and I ended up having lots of blood work, an ultrasound and instructions for surgery on Friday.  So, like I said.. craziness.  Everything is just fine here- no worries.  I didn't have any incisions or anything- so nothing to REALLY recover from.  I'm just left feeling bloated and a little belly pain.  Sorry, no pictures of me waking up from surgery.  Those would've been bad. 

Also- Just wanted to say... CONGRATS to all the Boston runners today!!  I won't lie.... I might've had a dreamed about running Boston during surgery.   I just didn't tell anyone because I didn't want anyone to think I was nuts-o haha... so cat's out of the bag... what did C dream about in surgery?  Running Boston.  The anesthesiologist told me to imagine myself going on a cruise.  I didn't even have time to think about that.  They gave me a sedative and that put me out before I even got into the OR.  I remember them telling me I had to move over to another table or something but I remember thinking "yeah right... I don't even know my name right now" haha.. Then as soon as that happened I was at the starting line in Boston getting ready to run.. and then I was all speedy and stuff... best.dream.ever. 

Then I woke up and the nurse commented that they were surprised at how little medicine they needed to put me out.   Then again.. they also commented on how they don't get many patients who can wrap the whole gown around themselves either... haha... sad. 

Okay, last thing. My running hero is: Kara Goucher. Seriously, the woman is amazing.  She ran Boston today... like 7 months after giving birth to a baby boy.  Can you believe that????  She is a rockstar in my book.   She has also come back strong after tons of adversities and injuries.  Her story gives me hope.  I totally want her book!  Eh, hem... my birthday is next month... :-)

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Forward Foot Strides said...

1 week, how awesome is that!!! Enjoy your first run. And Kara Goucher blows my mind, WOW.