Sunday, February 13, 2011


This week was VICTORIOUS!!  For Houston, it has been a little chilly.  Nothing like what all of you New Englanders have been experiencing.  Seriously- my family in NH has seen TONS of snow (but, what's new??).  We had some deep freeze warnings and snow warnings too.  Thankfully, no snow.  However, there was a lot of ice.  Check out my side-view mirror!  No,  I wasn't driving when I took this.  Promise.

Anyways, because it was cold I kept everything inside.  On Monday I decided that I would hit up the treadmill and see what I could do.  Last time I  did this- I only made it like 3 miles before pain set in.  So, I had a small goal in mind that I was loosely holding on to.  I said I wanted to see if I could pull 5 miles without pain.  I  put in the tunes and I started at a conservative pace and started.  I had my awesome "Shut up and run" bondi band on (SUAR).  I just kept repeating that over and over to myself.  I  had the TM on 1% incline.  I was so nervous.  How ridiculous does that sound??

I knew I had put in the work to stay up with my cardio- but my fear of pain was just freaking me out.  I decided to  just get lost in my tunes.  Before I knew it- I was at 4 miles.  Really???  No pain?? I must've looked so ridiculous with my goofy smile and sweat pouring everywhere (it was warm in the gym!).  I knew 5 miles would be no prob.  Then I got to 5... felt amazing... so I decided to do one more... and before I knew it- I had run 7 miles.  I called it good at that.  Didn't want to get too carried away.

I was beside myself!!   I was so excited!  Heh, I wanted to go run up to a perfect stranger and give them a high 5- a hug would be sweaty nasty... decided that I would spare someone of that disaster.  I wanted to take a picture to post... but alas... I forgot my phone in the car and when I got home- I had forgotten... Oops.  Sorry.

Tuesday I did my normal weights and elliptical.  I wanted to give my legs a chance to rest.  Then Wednesday: weights and treadmill.  Guess how many miles?? 8.  Pain?  Zero.

This week:

Knee pain: 0   Me: bajillion :-)

Then yesterday it was so nice outside.  So, I decided to hit the road.  Again, I had a loose goal.  I made it to 6 miles and then started to feel tightness.  Then it hit me.  I think I have a plausible contributing factor of what has been causing my pain (besides over-training).  The route I had been doing a lot before I got injured has a zillion left turns.... and I did the same route nearly every day.  Apparently, I don't believe in turning right :-) Anyways, what knee has been in pain?  My left knee.  I never thought about it before.  So, lesson learned: switch it up!   I know I have done that route backwards before- it just felt weird.  I felt lost haha... I have issues I guess.  Anyways, I decided to call it quits at 6.  My body felt like it could keep going- but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

So, what do you think?  Do you think that turning the same way over and over could cause an injury?  What way do you turn the most when you are hitting the roads?

Overall week: Fan-freaking-tastic!!  Princess Half is coming up... Check out that tiara!! 

Excitement :)


Tricia said...

you are too cute!

yipee for no pain!

Brittny said...

I could believe that, overusing the one particular knee maybe? I hope that's all it is, because that'd be nice and easy to fix! Yay for no pain and being able to do your running again! Congrats!