Saturday, October 9, 2010

Superwoman Saturday

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***Also, Thank you to all who have donated to the cause!! I really appreciate it!! You are all so generous and I am really thankful for all of your support in keeping me motivated!! I am sure my mom would be so excited to see all of this.***

Today was a long run day- wahoo! I have been feeling a little head cold coming on. Let's be honest though, my last marathon was almost the same way. I got sick a month before it and 16 days before the actual marathon I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia- awesome. I got through it though. That's what happens though. We run ourselves into the ground, love it and then we kill our immune systems along with it. Not fair. So, I skipped my 4mi run yesterday to see if I could feel a little better. Then decided to head out a little later than normal today- best idea ever! I told myself "It doesn't matter when you start- just as long as you start!"

Wahoo!! I did it!!

Before I left the house my "arch-nemesis" ran by the house. She saw both me and hubby and gave us the stink eye... what's new. Maybe someday she'll wave back and want to be my running friend?? Maybe it was an omen that was to come during my run... I headed to Terry Hershey Park- my fav place to run that I have found here in Houston. I decided to go west on the trail today. It was great! It lead to some other trails and it was exactly what I needed for distance. Love. It's hard moving to a new place and find different running routes. I loved all my routes back in Utah. So, finding this place has been such a blessing!

This run was pretty great if I do say so myself :-) However, superman would be proud of me... I totally ATE it around mile 2 and flew with arms out, hit the ground hard and had dirt and muck all over me and blood all over my hands. I think this has happened like 3x since I've been living in Houston (all in different places). Awesome. The one person who did see me (some guy) just yelled "Get up!" Thank you? I think he yelled out something else after that but I couldn't understand what he was saying. After I got up and shook off the shock and crap all over me I checked myself out to make sure I was alright and I knew I couldn't fudge this run so I just kept on truckin'.

Then after I hit 13 miles, I stopped to fill up my water bottles and this guy on a bike stopped and asked if I was training for the Houston marathon. I had to tell him sadly I wasn't- but I was training for the RnR San Antonio one next month. He invited me to join some people for a 10 miler tomorrow and told me my pace was fantastic- why, thank you... haha. I had to decline. I try not to run on Sundays and plus... a close to 22 miler training run shouldn't be followed by a 10 miler with people looking to you to help pace them. I was feeling pretty good about it all. Then my famous "hit the wall @ mile 17" came. I kept thinking- if that guy saw me now- he would take back his invite... hehe. Yeah, it was a bit rough- but I got through it and kept going and finished hard the last mile :-) Yay!

Then some HS boys were honking at me and waving and all of that... I think they'd die if they found out I'm in my mid-late 20's haha... Good run... minus the blood. But that's what we runners do- we go all out with blood and everything else and just leave it all on the road :-)

Oh and this last week I won a giveaway through Jessica's Gifts on FB and I was able to pick out what I wanted and yesterday I got my necklace from Jessica's Gifts and I wore it running today. Love it!!!

One more thing- check out those awesome compression socks. They're a little TOO long for me.. they go above my knees... what can I say- I am 4'11"!! But! I am telling you- if you've never tried them out- they are WONDERFUL after long runs!! I totally feel like my legs recover so much faster and they squeeze them in tight like they need. Is that weird? Please don't mind my kitchen. I had to move my bike to vacuum the living room. Life happens :-)


Michelle said...

You, my friend, are WORKIN' IT! You look amazing!

Clyde J Criddle said...

I'm glad you found Terry Hershey Park - right next to my office. But I won't run with you at noon. You're too fast for me.

Brittny said...

You have an arch nemesis? That sounds like a story that needs to be told...