Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long run mishap...

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So, I woke up early on Saturday morning with expectations to go run 20-22miles. I got up and I was instantly light headed and felt a serious cold coming on. BOO! I would've just gotten up and got it out of the way- but the last time I ignored the signs of being sick- I ended up with pneumonia just weeks before the SLC marathon this last April. So, I didn't go.

I feel SO guilty!! I toyed with going out today (Sunday), however, I only ever run on a Sunday if I ABSOLUTELY have to. Like, if the only race in the area I am living is only offered on a Sunday. I haven't had to encounter that yet. I will have to do that for the RnR marathon in November and even that I am struggling with. I don't run on Sundays because of my religious beliefs. I believe it is a day of rest and a day of worship. It's a personal choice. I know I haven't talked much about that on this blog, but it is very important to me.

So, I got up this morning (still feeling like I am coming down with something... and with a pain in my inner thigh... ugh) with my husband telling me "if you have to run today, it's okay. I completely understand" Which was nice, however, I just didn't feel right about it, so I didn't go. This makes my running rest days Friday-Sunday! Ah! I promise that I didn't head out to tackle it due to excuses of just not wanting to get it done. Trust me. I had full expectations to get out there and do 22 miles. I even laid out all my gear.

I just hope that these 3 rest days will do more help than harm to my training. I am not expecting a BQ any time soon so hopefully everything will just work out.

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