Thursday, October 14, 2010

One month....

That's right folks... ONE MONTH to go before Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon!!! I know, there is still quite a bit of time to go... but I am already getting the jitters!! My head cold is still here and hopefully on the mend, but I am feeling strong (unless it's all in my head...)

Not this weekend, but on the 23rd I am running the Huntsville 1/2 marathon! My goal for that is to PR and get sub 2 hours. I have been hitting 13.1 in my training runs at sub 2 times. I hear that there are a few hills... but it can't be anything like the ones I did in UT!

I would be lying if I told you that I didn't have a time goal for RnR. I just don't want to set myself up for failure, you know? Then there are whole other factors to consider: weather, hills, what I ate the night before, etc... My first marathon I finished in 5hrs flat. I would love to pull out a 4hr marathon- but that might be a stretch. So, as of right now here are my 3 goals (these may change as we get closer)

1. 4:35-40 (I think this is doable... my last long run was 22 miles and I maintained a 9:35 pace)
2. 4:15 (a stretch for race day... but I could do it)
3. 4:00 (total dream)

okay and if I had a 4th goal that is COMPLETELY stretching it... it would be to qualify for Boston (where I grew up). So that would put me at 3:40:59 I WISH! Maybe for my marathon in January... haha, yeah right!

I do have a question for yal. I always wear my fuel belt when I run 10+ miles so I can have water with me. For races though- I usually don't wear it. My last marathon (first one ever) I just relied on the water stations to get me through and I didn't wear my fuel belt. I felt like it went alright, but there were times where I wanted water and I still had like 2 miles until the next aid station. So, what's your opinion. Do you suck it up and carry water with you (either by belt or bottle) the day of the marathon or do you toss it and rely on the aid stations for water?

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Charlene said...

Sorry can't help you with this one! But I was going to ask you what I should do for my half?? Should I wear a fuel belt..should I bring fuel gels or anything like that?