Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday 9/12 Run and lastnight's exercise.

This was my run from Saturday. I started from home and headed to a point on the Provo River Trail. I was able to use my fuel belt for the first time! I really liked having it. It has two small water bottles and then a pouch to keep stuff in. It's a glorified fanny-pack!

Anyways, I had my cell phone on me and I was able to call Jon if I needed. I ended my run a little short because on the way to the trail I was chased by a few dogs on 500 N :-( so he was nice enough to pick me up so I didn't have to be chased by those dogs again. Next time I do the trail, I will probably start directly on the trail somewhere else so I don't have to run down 500 N again. My only other complaint was that there were TONS of gnats all along the trail. Okay, I know I was right by a river... but still! I had bug guts all over my shirt when I was done... gross. I'm foreseeing a hat and sunglasses next time :-)

Then, last night, we went to the BYU indoor track so I could do mile repeats. It was raining all day yesterday so the outdoor track wasn't an option. It was really hot and muggy inside, but it was still a good workout. I felt like I was in high school on XC again- hehe. Charlene, I thought of you and all those awful mile repeats "scar face" would make us do on the 2nd mile of the course... ugh... haha... only last night wasn't as bad :-) Then I finished off at the gym for 30-35 mins on the elliptical.

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Charlene said...

haha I totally forgot we gave her that nickname. Thanks for reminding me. haha I think I will be laughing all day!