Saturday, September 19, 2009

Racing Cane 6k

Today I tackled the 6k (3.7mi)! I was really nervous coming up to this race because it has been a while since I have done a shorter race. I have mostly been doing 10ks and then the half marathon. It's a whole different mindset when you're running less then 6 miles for a race. At least for me, I can't just stay at a comfortable smooth pace for a few miles and then kick it up. For me, smaller races mean- all or nothing. I know... that's probably really dramatic- but it's true!

To start the morning- it was so cold! Thankfully, the race started at 8am so by the time it started the sun was up and it was getting warmer. We started at Mountain View High School in Orem, UT. I felt pretty good during the first mile and then when I hit mile 2- I kicked up the pace. I started picking people to pass and once I passed them up- I picked more people. I haven't had a race like this in a while! It was hard but really relaxed... if you can call it that?

I finished strong and ended up having under a 9min pace! That's BIG for me! Six months ago I was at 10+ min pace/mile. I was really happy with that. The only thing that I was really bummed about was my place in my age division. I went over to the fence where they were posting final times and there it was. 4th. You may be thinking "That's great!" While that is pretty cool- I was only a few seconds from taking 3rd and getting a medal. If I was like 5th or 6th- there wouldn't be any "bitter" feelings. But 4th? Really?? I was so frustrated! I know, I really shouldn't focus on that... but it's hard not to. Especially since I really gave it my all. There was nothing else I could've done to go any faster.

I'm bummed that I won't be able to run this race next year. Next year I'll be in the 25-29 age division and the chances of me getting a medal in that age group is high. Humph. Hopefully when we move to Houston this summer I'll be able to find more races there. There aren't the same amount of races there like there are in Utah. Utah is very unique in that respect. Oh well, maybe next time :-)

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