Friday, March 20, 2009


If you have been following our other blog then you are aware that my life has been pretty hectic between getting the stomach flu to Jon having his hand injury. Usually, I'd shake my head to lame excuses, but I assure you- once you are down to 3 hands and arms in the family... doing things are a lot harder than you'd think. However, I am please to announce that I have joined a gym!!! I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this.

24 Hour Fitness was offering a special where you didn't have to pay an initiation fee at sign up and they really didn't have any strings attached to it. It's month to month and you have to give them at least a 30 day notice before you cancel. When I did Gold's during my freshman year at BYU- my contract said one year.. and some how their contract said 2 years... imagine that. Anyways, I am really pleased with my membership so far. I've gone at all different times to see when it's the busiest or whatever. No matter what time I have gone so far, there always a machine open that you want and I haven't had to wait for anything. I am meeting with a personal trainer (using my free fitness orientation meeting w/ a trainer) this upcoming week. I can't afford to have a lot of personal training or anything, but at least getting started and being reminded of all the stuff I used to know how to do will be really helpful!

Some thing else that is really cool is that they have a rewards program. If you complete different things you receive "medals" online and you have 6 months to get up to 24 medals (I currently have 5). After those 6 months you can use your "medals" to receive different gifts. I have my eyes on a 10 cup food processor. My current one can only hold a little more than a cup.. it's wimpy... but it was $10! The program is a little bit of a motivator so you can get something you really want. The more often you go to the gym, the more medals you receive- or if you try a group class, visit w/ a trainer for your orientation.. etc.

This will also give me a place to go at night when Jon is gone in Houston so I don't have to be "alone". I'm not very good at being alone at night. Hopefully I'll lose weight and not just "eat my feelings" haha...

I have nothing big that I'm training for right now. Although, there is a March Madness party for the business school's students and their families on March 27th. At the party, they have something called a "Corporate Climb". You race in the Tanner building and you have to run up and down the stairs (the tanner building has 7 (very tall) floors). I'm thinking about doing it as a "biggest loser" challenge.

Here is the race outline:
Wish me luck!! :-)

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Clyde J Criddle said...

We hope to get Jon involved in our fitness club when he is in Houston during the summer. You can both become "hard bodies".