Friday, January 23, 2009

Pet peeves

So, one of my days last week I went to the track after work. I got all the way there to find out it was closed due to a volleyball game- that wasn't starting for another hour. Since then, I have had to check the BYU calendar to figure out when the track would be closed b/c of volleyball games. This really annoys me. It's not a big deal to look it up or anything like that, but it annoys me that they have to shut the track down for it.

In high school I ran on the winter track team. On race days we would go up to a university to compete. It was mostly UNH but we went to Dartmouth a few times and once to Boston College. The indoor tracks at these universities were open in the middle. Just like the back half of BYU's indoor track. Everything was spread out enough that you could see what was going on during the entire race. At all times your coach knew exactly where you were on the track and who you were beating. It makes sense, right?

Well, in the middle of BYU's indoor track (for those of you who aren't familiar w/ it) has two halves. One half is open where you do other events like shot put, long and high jump etc... The other half is filled w/ a few courts (basketball and volleyball), offices and food stands for sporting events. So, if there is a BYU volleyball game they have to shut the entire thing down b/c you might go into the game w/o a ticket. All entrances are blocked w/ "event staff" in orange shirts. I realize that it's not every night- but this week - there are two games in a row. So that takes away two nights that I was planning on running at the time I'm free. Bummer. My next question is- why can't volleyball have it's own place to play? or why can't they limit the orange shirt people to the places where you could get into the place that is having the game. If I bought tickets to the game, could I run on the track? What about Saturday mornings when they shut the track down for meets- that I can understand- but at least put it on the calender for all those who have to always have a Plan B. on hand.

BYU's indoor track- note walls on right to offices

An indoor track- now that's what it SHOULD look like

My one last rant about the indoor track- I promise. The other night I was running and getting into a groove. I was about to start another lap- I rounded the corner and someone pulled down a sliding wall to make the track cut in half. Thankfully they have this random hallway that connects to the other side of the track. So instead of 5 laps on the indoor track to make a mile- it now turns into 7.5 laps to equal a mile. You are in there for a while and you start to lose count of your laps because you are seeing the same things over and over- it makes you stop and wonder what lap you were on and what would that equal on the "half track" now? The math may be easy when you're not running- but when you go into this hallway that is more narrow than the track- all the people running/walking bottleneck and run into one another- a little distracting to your math calculations. I just can't win!

Ah, I'm done now- thanks for listening. It's just hard to only have time after 6pm to go running on the week days and then having to change everything and make sure to eat dinner before it gets too late. Or on Saturday mornings- trying so hard to get to the track because you know it's the right thing to do and then you find out it's closed due to a meet- but it wasn't on the calendar.

PS: I had an embarrassing moment this week... I was doing an exercise video and the Jon got a phone call from a friend who needed to stop by to give Jon some papers. He lives above us. I'm in the middle of my work out and I didn't want to stop- so he comes over 20 seconds later and I'm there with weights in my hands, sweat pouring off... how embarrassing!! hahaha.. I had a good laugh about it later. Anyways.. that's all for now.

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