Thursday, January 15, 2009

This week so far

Monday: Went to indoor track and ran 2 miles. Came home and had dinner. Later, I did a 20 minutes of cardio circuit training and then rode my bike while watching a show.

Tuesday: Went to indoor track and ran 2 miles. Went to the BYU vs. TCU game. Came home and rode my bike for a half hour.

Wednesday: Did 1hr of my Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD- that video kicks my butt!

Tonight... well, I'm planning on going to the track again and going a little longer than 2 miles. Then maybe a different video when I get home.. we'll see.

Friday: We're going to Soldiers Hollow for some tubing (thanks, Deloitte!) in the afternoon and not sure when we will get back- so I am a little unsure right now. It'll be a lot of fun though!

Saturday: Doing cleaning in the morning. Getting a workout in- either video or track while Jon practices w/ his b-ball team. We have a service project at church at 6pm so we need to get everything done before then.

*My goal for the rest of the month: lose 3lbs by the 31st


Jon said...

Great Job, Crystal. I'm proud of you.

Keep up the good work.

Clyde J Criddle said...

Good Goal! Mom/Anne is working out hard now and continues to be my Trophy Wife. You make Jon "look good" by just being with him.