Friday, September 24, 2010

Where the sidewalk ends...

No really. I just have to ask- why is it that sidewalks just randomly end? I really try to stay safe on runs and out of the road, but it doesn't help when the sidewalks just randomly end.

I am trying to plan my 22 miler for tomorrow and I am struggling. I hate hate hate going in loops. I know, I should be thankful that I'm not on the mill, but seriously! There are some great roads that just go on FOREVER but the downside- no sidewalks. There isn't even like the "emergency lane" or whatever it's called. I could go on the grass on the side, however, I tried that last weekend and I just ended up turning around because it was a complete mud pit.

I understand if a sidewalk ends but turns into a neighborhood because the other areas are undeveloped, but why is it that when you cross the road the sidewalk keeps going and then it just suddenly stops. Did the person putting in the sidewalk just give up and say "eh, it's Houston. who'd actually be outside? No one needs a sidewalk here." I completely beg to differ- I NEED it!! Or maybe the person had some scary experience and thought it would be best to save someone else from going beyond the edge of the sidewalk? I don't know... I just think it's ridiculous.

So, I have come up with a hopeful solution. I found a "trail" online that should be pretty good. It's an 8 mile out and back so... 16 in total. At least that's what it said. You never really know. I know, it'll almost be like a loop, but hopefully it won't be so bad. Wish me luck! If I can't do the trail, I am back to the 3 mile loop in my neighborhood. That's a lot of loops... Not to mention- a lot of loops where I could potentially pass my "arch-nemesis". I won't say too much about her. What I will say is that she is usually out running when I am and I have waved and said hello every single time I've seen her and all I have ever gotten are dirty looks. Maybe it was because I was waving like an idiot with a goofy smile while sweat was pouring off of me... who'd want to be friends with that sort of a weirdo??? Haha, oh well. She's missing out I guess ;-)

Well, here is hoping that tomorrow's 22-er will go well and I won't have to deal with sidewalks ending in the middle of it :-)

PS: The first 10 of these miles are for a girl named Alex who was diagnosed with Lupus. Cancer just plain sucks. As always- the rest are for my mom <3

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