Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A visit to NH

So, this last week I had the opportunity to go and visit my hometown in New Hampshire :-) It was my sister's 40th birthday and her husband wanted to surprise her by having me come out. I had such a fun time! She and I are actually going to be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February!

Her family have been getting into running and they have two young girls (8 and 11) and over the summer they had them running a mile loop a few times during the week. They made a goal as a family that at the end of the summer all of them would run the loop 2x. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in their family run. We stuck together for the 2 loops and the younger one did great! Then my sister, me and her older daughter ran for a 3rd lap while the younger one and my brother-in-law stayed behind. I did this lap pretty fast (7:37) and my brother-in-law wanted to "race" another lap with me because he had never been able to do it faster than 7:50 so he wanted some "competition". So we did the last lap together. He did it in 7:19 and I finished in 7:23. I am so proud of their family. The girls are learning the importance of being healthy.

It was so fun running with them- but holy crap- hills! For example, yesterday my sister and I headed out on a 3 mile run and whew.... I won't lie, it was a little rough. Then I was like "you know what? I have the opportunity to run on hills, I should tackle my old XC course." My sister lives down the street from the course so we headed over there after stopping at home to round up the family. I ran to the course (1 mile) and then I decided I just wanted to do the 2nd mile of the course- it's ridiculous. Hills, hills and more hills. Basically you are running up a ski slope... no really... there is a ski lift at the top of the hill and it's an actual skiing place haha... I was dying- esp when I saw the ski lifts! But, I did it! Then we ran up a massive hill on the way home. So, I got all my hills in :-)

It was a great time running with my sister and her family. I am so excited for February!!


The Miguel Family said...

Good ole X-C course.. what was that course called again? Lucky for being able to go to NH in the fall. I'm glad you had fun running with the family!

Tricia said...

cute pics!

Crystal said...

Ange- the name of it is Derryfield. It was nice to be there in the fall. However, I won't lie- it was FREEZING!! It was in the 50's and the day we took those pics it was like 65 out. Talk about a shock to the system after moving to Houston! :-)

Shannon said...

Thanks for coming... thanks for being my sister!! Can't wait for February!