Friday, March 5, 2010

Having to work with the unexpected

So, I've been having a lot come up... aka: life. I hate it when I want to do well in runs or in my eating and things just come up. A dinner party here or a meeting there or I have to bake something and it takes-up-my-whole-night-and-by-the-time-I'm-done-it's-11:30pm-and-I-haven't-done-anything-that-was-really-on-my "to-do" list. Let me guess... just by reading that you felt like you were running out of time? Does anyone else have this problem???

I was doing well with my mileage this week and I was feeling great. However, I wasn't eating very well.... the boss stocked up the back room with all of my favorite (and forbidden) goodies! For example- this week I've had problems with staying away from the Vanilla Wafers! It's awful! Here I am now and I have lost about 33lbs now and I cave at the sight of that stupid yellow box and find myself just snacking without thinking about it. My weight has been fluctuating between 3lbs and I'm starting to get nervous that I'm losing my zing of making sure I am keeping on track.

I started out keeping a food diary and I started off small with cutting things back so I wouldn't find myself binging all the time. Then it got better and it wasn't a problem. I have my moments now, but the last 2 weeks have just been awful and every week I feel like I am just starting over. I guess it's back to the food diary? I really hope not.

Okay, sorry. I know that it's not that big of a deal and I know that I am working on it. I just need a little encouragement. I've been stressing out a lot more lately at work and I haven't been getting rid of that stress through running like I usually do. I probably need to work on that too... because I've been relieving my stress at all the wrong times. Like taking out my frustration on a head of lettuce when getting dinner ready and being short with people who didn't even say anything. Yeah. It has been one of those days.... for about 2 weeks.

Here is to tomorrow- a very long run with a better attitude and with a resolve to not get my sticky fingers all over the snacks at work. :-)

What do you do when life gets in the way and you find yourself with zero time to exercise but time to stuff peach cobbler in your face? Any advice?


5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Oh man, hang in there...first of all running long distances= HUNGRY. I struggle with the same issue. You are not alone in that battle. After a run I find myself grabbing an M&M sugar cookie to curb my starvation while I work on making a turkey sandwhich. Duh, that doesn't make sense. We all stumble and we can't be perfect...but like you said you are working on it. Focus on the small achievments and not the smaller slips.

As for life happeneing, I hear you on this one too. I find that I just have to make the time and I KNOW that if I don't everyone around me, as well as ME, suffers. :) It is a juggling act and it is not easy. That is why a lot of people simply don't do it and never even try. You owe it to yourself to focus on you, your health and your fitness.

How is that for cheerleading? At least I didn't have to do a toe touch! He he!

Crystal said...

Thank you! :-) One step at a time right?