Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hard work is starting to pay off :-)

So, I have been working my fanny off and it's starting to finally pay off. Of course, I will not disclose my weight here or anything... but I was stuck between these 3lbs and I couldn't get out of them. It get's really frustrating when you know you are working hard and all you are doing is fluctuating. There is nothing more aggravating than that. Jon and I agreed that I had hit a plateau. Since gaining weight from well.. life.. it's hard for your body to adjust sometimes to all the new things or bringing back the old routine that it hasn't seen for so long. Well, at least my body :-)

However, there is always satisfaction when you can finally get over that hump/plateau that you've been at for so long! I have finally managed to get out of those 3lbs! Thank goodness!! It was getting ridiculous :-) I've been walking to work every day, going to the gym and am there for at least an hour doing lots of cardio, abs, and weights.

Since the end of March- I have now lost 5lbs!!!

Okay, not as impressive as say my mother-in-law, sister, brother or the people on "The Biggest Loser"... but for me- it is so exciting!! From my highest weight recorded (which was last May) since then I have lost close to 10lbs (this includes the 5lbs I just got rid of hehe). It has been a very slow moving process- but I am happy with it. I have 15lbs to go until I reach my goal... and then about 5 more for my more ambitious goal. I am hoping that I will make a lot more progress this summer.


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