Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon

So, Folks- I have officially signed up for my 2nd marathon!!! It's November 14th, 2010- and thus, the training begins :-) Yay!!!! I am really excited to be doing a Rock N Roll Marathon!

I won't lie- training in TX is like night and day from training in Utah. It's so humid here and I sweat so much more than I ever did in Utah- it's ridiculous. Also, there are NO hills here. Zilch. Any advice for hill training in a VERY flat area? I've considered the TM, but I just don't know how I feel about it yet. I guess I feel like I'm running up a wall when I try it on the TM. Maybe I'm weird... I guess I will just have to see what happens. This marathon is mostly flat, but there is a slight incline for the last few miles and I want to be ready for it so I don't die like I did in SLC. I am so going to kill it :-)

One of my goals for training this time around is to do more weights and tone up more. I did a ton of cross training (lots and lots of cycling...) last time and that really helped, but I want to do things a little differently this time. What are some of your favorite cross trainings?

My next dilemma... I really want to run the Houston marathon in January. I am just not sure if I should or not. I at least have until July 26th to make up my mind. Registration is on 7/27 and last year it sold out in about 2 days!! Decisions, decisions!

I am so thankful to have such an understanding hubby. He absolutely hates running and Iknow he doesn't always understand why I need it so much, but he is always giving me 500+% support with it all. Heart you.

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