Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow Canyon Half pictures

As promised- here are pictures from the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. Enjoy!

all of my goods laid out the night before

Our awesome motel room.. haha

About to get on the bus to the start

Ending on the track!

I'm done!

Jon and me.
I heart him.
Hopefully he'll run w/ me someday... maybe in the next life ;-)


Tiff Gatten said...

Congrats on your race. It was a really hard race. I can't believe how much up hill there was. It was a really beautiful race though.

If you are wondering who I am. I'm your friend on dailymile. I was looking or where you are from. I thought it was up near Lehi. I just met my sister for the first time, and she lives in Lehi and I was wondering you might by chance happen to know her. Anyhoo, that's how I happen on your blog. It's very cute.

Crystal said...

So, I have really struggled keeping up on my blog for the last month (haha... life happens) That's so awesome that you met your sister! Things like that make me happy. I live in Provo- it's about 20 minutes south of Lehi. I know the area at least. I'm assuming you are from Utah then? Keep up the good work on the runs. It can be tough through the winter but it's so worth it!