Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yay for Saturdays!

I won't lie- this week we've been really busy! I know I could've/should've gotten up earlier to exercise, but I just couldn't get myself out of bed really early. We went to bed pretty late this week- so getting out of bed a lot earlier wasn't in my plans. Or, I woke up and thought about it and then just pretended that the thought never came- haha...

Anyways! This is the run I did today. Jon was at our friend's (Nate & Jess) house having a LAN party w/ their other friend, "Seabass". I dropped him off along w/ my keys, purse and a waterbottle and I headed out for my run. It was pretty hot outside today! I was surprised! This run was all down hill for the first half- second half was running up what I had just ran down! It was a lot steeper than I remember- At least my thighs/hams will thank me later :-). I felt pretty good too. I may have walked a little... *sheepish* but, walking doesn't make you any less of a runner!! The only thing I would've changed would have been to have my mp3 player on me. It died yesterday and I plugged it in thismorning and by the time we left- it was still charging. Anyways- here it is.

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